Body Language – Led by Madia Swicord
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Body Language – Led by Madia Swicord

7 Week Series~

Begin the new year and begin to know your body and it's language as a way to approach body image and physical fitness.  We will explore a holistic perspective and ancient techniques understand the body's message.  

The body "tells the truth", it is the only part of you that is 100% present ALL the time.   We can learn so much from the body.   We explore this intelligence via the Chakra system, Hakomi principles, kundalini yoga and other body/mind techniques.   Each week we will focus on ONE chakra and allow the information and embodiment sink in for the entire week.

7 week series will include:

Thursday's- 5:30p-7:30p - Yoga, Meditation, Discussion and self-reflection based on the Chakra for that week.

You will be given weekly Focus, Practice and self-study questions utilizing yoga and other personal evolution techniques -

You are encouraged to join Madia's classes on Tuesday and Friday at noon, whenever possible during this time.

$140 if registered by December 15th, 2017  / Full price - $165


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Deep Restoration: Day Retreat with Madia & Janka
10:00 AM10:00

Deep Restoration: Day Retreat with Madia & Janka


Treat yourself and join Madia Swicord LMT, E-RYT500 and Janka Livoncova, SME, LMT, E-RYT 500 at Rising Fawn Gardens on November 11th for a special day of yoga asana, meditation, pranayama and personal reflection designed to recharge and refresh your body and mind. Expect your heart to open, your mind to clear, and tension to slip away.
We all can get lost in the business of our daily lives and forget our deep values and intentions. This retreat is an opportunity to pause, reflect and re-connect with what is important to us, whether it is slowing down, resting, introspection or infusing our yoga and meditation practice with a new perspective.
We’ll be gathering at the newly opened Yoga House at Rising Fawn Gardens, Georgia. This beautiful 600-acre farm is nestled between the natural boundaries of Lookout Creek and the western slope of Lookout Mountain.
Bring your own yoga mat for this practice and if you have an eye pillow, bring that as well. The Yoga House has large bolsters and blankets.
Vegetarian lunch will be provided.
Saturday November 11th, 2017
10am – 4:30pm
Fee: $95 or early bird $85 (if registered and paid by September 15th)

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Courage and Compassion: An Insightful Yoga Practice at Southern Bend Yoga Festival
10:00 AM10:00

Courage and Compassion: An Insightful Yoga Practice at Southern Bend Yoga Festival

Movement, discussion and self-reflection at this year's Southern Bend Yoga Festival!
Join Madia Swicord in a dynamic exploration of compassion and courage through the lens of ancient yogic philosophy and techniqes. 

What happens when we direct the powerful light of Awareness internally?
What does a yogic practice of compassion and courage look like? What are common roadblocks and how can we overcome them? 

In this practice we’ll turn to the ancient philosophy and techniques of yoga to help kindle our mystical gifts for self-discovery. You will leave with intriguing and practical tools for crafting a kinder and more empowering yoga practice. 

All levels of practitioners are welcome. All will have the opportunity to find their way into the pose that challenges them in a courageous and compassionate way.

This All-Levels workshop will consist of asana (physical practice), contemplative practices and discussion. Please bring a journal and writing implement.

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 Yoga As Medicine:  Led by Madia Swicord & Dr. Gwin
5:30 PM17:30

Yoga As Medicine: Led by Madia Swicord & Dr. Gwin


In this workshop, You will begin to:

  • Understand some of the scientific underpinnings of yoga in history and the medical benefits of yoga
  • Conceive of the use of yoga practice as a complementary healing modality to traditional medical treatment in the management of disease
  •  Learn how to use yoga as a healing modality for patients with various disease processes

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Embodied Anatomy: Fluid System Led by Janka Livoncova
2:00 PM14:00

Embodied Anatomy: Fluid System Led by Janka Livoncova

Chattanooga School for Conscious Living is proud to offer this in-depth study and it is open to everyone. This will offer you a fresh perspective on your yoga practice, and shed new light on the inner workings of asana.

Embody your yoga from the inside out by bringing greater somatic awareness to your practice.

The learning activities will include: movement explorations and asana, lecture, demonstration, hands-on touch and repattering experience; and discussion.

Fluid System August 26th 2-4pm 

In this immersion we will embody Cellular, Transitional, Interstitial and Synovial Fluid. We will explore how these fluids affect our posture and movement.

The embodied qualities of fluids underlie presence and transformation. They set the ground for basic communication, and play a major role in the counterbalancing of tension and relaxation, rest and action.

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